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Code of the Samurai

This one is a funny mix of 'cluster the same-colored stones' logic puzzle game and 'shoot all the attacking creatures' defense game you play with mouse.

Clockwork Madness

Have a steady hand to play this game type your name for the game to start.


A strange game where you have to guide the duck around onto the hearts to make them happy.

Cell Out

Simple game in which you must collect the white circles without touching the red ones... sounds pretty simple, but the task can be tricky sometimes.

Bumper Ball

Air Hockey + Bumper Carts = Bumper Ball! Nice graphics and funny collisions... very well done!

Bat and Mouse

Yes, you are a mouse in this game, so just need to earn the cheese and dont let the bat catch you. Quite funny because of the mouse movement.

Nyeste Puslespil

Tripping Point 2

The 2nd chapter of 3 in this surrealistic puzzle game.

Tripping Point

You'll find yourself facing the TV. This will soon change, as you begin to be followed by great blue herons and answer a call for help.


Pick out the unique shape in this online optical puzzle game. Each level adds distractions and challenges designed to trick your eye and camouflage the unique shape.

In The Woods

Can you solve the puzzles and get out of the woods alive?


Using your limited psychokinetic powers, you must solve intricate puzzles and help steer the professor to safety, and in the process, learn the destiny of the Automaton!


A 25-gesture version of Rock-Paper-Scissors!

Nyeste Sport spil

Swig And Toss

The closest you will get to drinking and axe throwing without getting a hang-over.

Moron Marathon

Cactus Vs. Snowman Vs. Stinky Bean... Who will win?

BMX Extreme

Hit the slopes at full speed and make a few cool moves. You get one minute to get your best score, so do some nice combos for extra points.

High Dive Hero

Power, balance, timing and posture are all essential for getting a good score. If your jumps are good enough, you're allowed onto a higher platform.

Pinch Hitter 2

Slug it like DiMaggio and you might become a M.L.B. professional player.

Elastic Soccer

Score as many goals as you can to fight the tough opposition.

Nyeste Skyde spil

Sword Of Orion

Fan of Raiden-X? Then you will love this game!

Time Bomb 90 Second

You've been assigned an urgent mission. A bomb has been planted on a train carrying civilians and important people. Rescue them, you've got 90 seconds!

File Wars

Shoot all the files trying to destroy you!


Easy space shooter... Wait a second?

ROFL Attack

Shoot all the LOL's with your ROFL copter!

Sky Warrior

Shoot tanks, base installations, towers and helicopters. Levels get harder with more enemies.

Nyeste Racerspil

Frog Race

Frog Race is a simple, fun game that will have you hopping! Guide your frog to victory across an obstacle course and beat the rival frog to win the trophy.

Greyhound Race Rampage

Your goal in this greyhound racing online game is to buy a dog and train him to become Champion. You can train, race and look after your dog. Good luck!

Dirt Bike Championship

The dirtbike series taken to the next level.. Race on the rough roads to win!

Need For Extreme

You drive a racing car and your task is to finish first. Thirst for speed and danger makes the game captivating!!!

Need For Waves

A cool boat racing game where you have to take control of a super high speed cutter and finish first!


Still not sure what a Trabi is, but you have a car that you can drive around a track and a tank of nitro that you can hit intermittently.

Nyeste Retro og klassiske spil

Project Eddie

Megaman has been kidnapped! It's up to Eddie to save the day!

Final Fantasy Sonic X 1

Play as Sonic and fight your way through the bad guys in a Final Fantasy style RPG!

Track And Field

The classic NES game. Track And Field!

Pop Pirates

Battle the evil computer virus that stole your music files. Blast enemies and collect an array of deadly power-ups in this top-down shooter.

Final Fantasy Sonic X 2

Play as Sonic and fight your way through the bad guys in a Final Fantasy style RPG!

Sky Wire 2

Try to get through the levels without dropping too many passengers!

Nyeste Dygtighedsspil

Ragdoll Cannon

Click and shoot the ragdoll man from the cannon. Hit the "HERE" button to go to the next level.


Experience life as a hungry spider at night. Can you complete the final achievement and eat a bat?

Cannon Blaster

What's the fastest way home? Cannons! Time your launches to get from one cannon to another until you meet the Happy Sun Guy!


Hide your drugs as fast as you can from your parents!

Heap Heap

Stack the stuff!

Through The Machine

Can you make it through the machine?

Nyeste Adventure spil

Modern Tactics 2

Your mission in this turn-based strategy shooter, is to customize your squad and then command them to victory using modern technology and tactics.

Mesiria Chapter 3

The magical adventure continues in chapter 3 of Mesiria!

Mesiria Chapter 2

The Magical adventure continues in chapter 2 of Mesiria!

Mesiria Chapter 1

Chapter 1 of the great magical adventure - Mesiria!

Inquisitive Dave

Explore your way through a strange world in this pixeled-adventure RPG. Collect items and interact with your environment to advance.

Wonderboy Legends

Over 100 items to collect, skills to learn, massive terrains of enemies and bosses to slaughter and levels of addiction!

Nyeste Kampspil

Chaos Faction

After years of training, the battle will begin. Top fighters have gathered, arenas have been spotted and the battle bell is about to ring. Will you be the last man standing?

Fireball Frenzy

Your mission is to blast opponents with fireballs until you have met the rules requirments for the battle.


Fight and earn your way to glory in this middle age style tournament using bows, boomerangs, kunais, swords, axes and more!

Robot War Strategy

Lead your robot troops to victory in more than 200 missions and 6 maps. Conquer the war with 12 different robots and 5 types of upgrades.

Geek Fighter

The closest game to Power Stone in flash!

Aeternus Lamnia

In this first-person sword game, you play as a warrior on a quest to destroy an evil knight.

Nyeste Rytmiske spil

Music Bounce

The object of the game, is to use bouncing balls to clear all the notes on a stage. Each level has a maximum amount of ball gates you can open.

Teckno Surff

Surf through the world of techno! Have fun surfing through a whole load of levels with amazing songs!

Sky Tunes

Rhythm-based game which combines soothing ambient tunes into a fun flash game.

Shred Master

Guitar Hero with a twist!

Short Circuit

Dodge the asterisks that move with the rhythm of the music.

Musical Extravaganza

Can you say dodge? Can you say rhythm?

Nyeste Forsvarsspil

Storm Astrum Defense

Military tower defense game!

Xeno Tactic 2

Stop the horde of aliens coming to your base.

Perim Protector

Protect Kiru City from the evil grasp of Chaor by setting up defenses along Kiru's outer walls.

Galactic Conquests

Defend your ship from the oncoming hordes. Purchase turrets and lay traps on your way to victory.


Sick of being pushed around by tower dudes? This is the opposite of a tower defense game. Can you run the gauntlet and get your creeps home safe?

Orb Blaster

Defend your base from 36 increasingly difficult waves of orb attacks. Don't worry, there are useful pick-ups along the way which will aid your progress.

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