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Super Mario Power Coins

Dodge the falling obstacles such as the classic angry-rocks bomb-bullets american footballs and collect the falling coins.

Super Mario Mushrooms

This is yet another Mario game. Race around collecting all the mushrooms you see on the screen. Nothing special, but if you are a mario fan, this game is for you.

Star Fly III

Your task is to clear all the zones from asteroids and other space junk. Collect power-ups for extra life and score.


A modified version of Pacman. Guide Sonny the dog around chomping on the dog bones trying to avoid the monsters.


Help a young boy complete his training to get revenge from his fathers death.

Sammy the Salmon

The fish needs to swim his way to the finish line.

Nyeste Puslespil

Riddle School 2

Phil is back to escape school again!

Riddle School 3

Help Phil escape from high school using all of your point-and-click adventure game knowledge.

Stone Age Sam

It's up to you, to help our not so bright Neanderthal, survive the Stone Age. Be careful though, if you make a wrong choice, he'll probably end up in the belly of some prehistoric beast.

Anikas Odyssey

Anika's Odyssey, is a magical adventure deep into a lush and enchanted land. Break away from reality to enter a mystical world inspired by Aotearoa, New Zealand, as you meet the curious spirits and exotic creatures that inhabit this wilderness.

Johnny Rocketfingers

Your name is Johnny and your mission is to take down thugs to save the child of a woman in a bar and earn some cash. Good luck!

Johnny Rocketfingers 2

Johnny stole drugs from the wrong dealer! You must help him get out of this bad situation!

Nyeste Sport spil

Fat Trick Boarder

A wicked physics-based boarding game that fulfills all your style needs.


Your aim is to get the ball in the goal in every level without taking too many shots.


Shoot the ball inside the hoop!

Snowboard Stunts

Earn as many points as you can by getting air in your jump as you perform various combo stunts.

X-Treme Cliff Diving

Guide your character through the air while he makes the fall of his life... literally.

Nyeste Skyde spil

Super Marine

The war against alien-insects begin.

Storm Boat Vietnam Mayhem

You're a combat craft officer during the Vietnam War!

Blue Shift

An awesome side-scrolling shooter. Grab some power-ups and start blasting!

Abstract Sea

Watch out for the abstract missiles!


A simple arcade shooter with smooth and addictive gameplay.

Catankerous Tank

Destroy everything in your path!

Nyeste Racerspil

Road Master

Drive into the highway avoiding all the cars. Colect the gas cans you find and try not to hit any car or you will explode!

Velocity Racing

Customize your ship, set the race settings, pick a map and get ready to race! Pick up weapon crates to give you the upper hand against the bots or turn the weapons off and see if you can beat the AI on racing skills!

Heli Racer

Race opponents with helicopters!

Carbon Theft Auto

Stealing cars for a living isn't such a great career. Sure, getting into the car and fixing the wires is easy enough but the hard part is getting away without drawing attention to yourself. If you cause any accidents, the cops will be onto you before you know it and you're on your way to jail. Elude the cops and prove that you're the best in the business.

Dirt Bike 2

Ride your dirt bike through a challenging rocky terrain in this highly addictive sequel of the extremely popular game Dirt Bike.

Pencil Racer XL

Draw your own race track and race it.

Nyeste Kort spil

Play Blackjack Forever

Play Blackjack Forever gives every player the opportunity to play cards in a comfortable atmosphere and to enjoy the tranquility simultaneously.

Play Poker Forever

Play the game of poker in a peaceful non-disturbing island.

Play Solitaire Forever

Play the classical card game of solitaire, but this time in a much peaceful and enriching environment

Absolutist Blackjack

Play casino style Blackjack. Hit stand or double down. Insure against ace.


Play a game of casino blackjack double down split bet thousands of chips and win big money.

Colosseum Blackjack

Play casino Blackjack and get insurance against dealer.

Nyeste Retro og klassiske spil

Strikers 1945

Classic 1945 NES game!

Golden Sun

Use your team and spells to defeat all the enemies.

Dragon Ball Z

Choose a fighter and destroy your opponent!

Final Fight

Fight as you walk down the street in a "Streets Of Rage" type of game.

Metal Slug Special Mission

A game that truly mimics Metal Slug games. Plays exactly like the real thing featuring great graphics and weapons. Amazing!


Defend the allies from the scourge of Europe. Can you stem the tide of the enemy invasion?

Nyeste Dygtighedsspil

Evito Ball

It's your job to collect all the coins and make your way to the exit.

Bloody Penguin Throw

Bat the poor penguin as far as you can!

Stick Trampoline

Collect sticks with your stick figure by jumping up and down on the trampolines. Gain the max height requirements to unlock the next levels. Use the swinging rope to give you extra advantage. You can also do tricks for extra points and all this before the time runs out!

Draw Bounce

Draw a line with your mouse and let the ball bounce to the star. With power-ups and over 50 fun levels, you will be hooked!

Breakout 360

Use the mouse to move your pad 360 degrees around the brick area.

UFO Mania

Abduct the humans!

Nyeste Adventure spil


Feudalism is an RPG game with and open world, so you can go anywhere you want and fight anyone.

Genghis Khan

Expand the Mongol empire and conquer the world.

Evil Nights

Shoot the flying demons with your spells. Protect the village!

Swords Saga

Live by the sword. Die by the sword.

Starcraft RPG

Build units in your bases and send them out to go slaughter some Zerg!

Maple Story Pianus Battle

Fight against the powerful fish with your magic spells. If you die, Pianus gets all his health back.

Nyeste Kampspil


Play as Auron and experience the action of the Paladin series first hand in this fast-paced side-scroller. Take up the sword of the paladin and cleanse the un-dead from this world. Vanquish the slavering masses with the holy spell power at your fingertips.

Naruto Star Students

Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura must escort Tazuna safely to his home in the land of waves but that's easier said than done when an army of ninjas and the deadly assassin, Zabuza, stand in their way. Collect life, chakra and life points on your way. Select your character and let the fights begin!

Beyblade Rip Zone

Battle other opponents with your Beyblade! Let it rip!

Celebrity Fight Club

Fight celebrities and knock them out!

The Fight For Glorton

Become the ruler of the arena. Beat the opposition to a pulp and chuck them out of the combat zone. The more damage you inflict upon your opponent, the easier it will be to get rid off them. Super Smash Brothers clone!

Practice Chapped

What is 'Practice Chapped'? Play this game and find out!

Nyeste Rytmiske spil

Paint Wars

Paint with the rhythm of the music!

Rhythm Blaster 2

Rhythm Blaster 2 tries to take the fun of an arcade shooter and combine it with rhythm based levels and enemies.

Music Marathon

Can you get to the end?


Dodge all the shapes!

Rhythm Blaster

Rhythm Blaster tries to combine the shooting and rhythm genre of games with an abstract retro style.

Spin Swim Blue

Swim with rhythm!

Nyeste Forsvarsspil

Shock Defense

Ogres, wolves and fat peasant children.

Demonic Defense

Defend your castle from everything!

Demonic Defense 2

Defend your castle from everything!

Demonic Defense 3

Defend your castle from everything!

Demonic Defense 4

Defend your castle from everything!

Momentum Missle Mayhem 2

Place your turret, upgrade it and attack the incoming forces as you launch your electric orb.

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