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Puzzle Freak

The game incorporates several mini-games which you'll have to beat before time runs out. When you successfully beat a mini-game, you'll be awarded with an extra turn and additional brain points.

The Several Journeys Of Reemus Chapter 1

After the defeat of the Ant Queen, Reemus & Liam embark on a journey to the Royal Palace to meet the King. Unfortunately, things don't go as smoothly as planned.

The Great Basement Escape

Time to plan your escape again. This time, from the basement. Bwahahah!


You're investigating a strange run-down house. While investigating, you get locked in. There are many strange sounds and occurences. Capture evidence of paranormal phenomena and find your way out!

Busy Burger

Work in a burger bar and serve burger, nuggets, drinks etc to customers before they get angry!


Build a hose as long as you can from the hydrant to the fire. Use the golden tiles to score bonus points.

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Urban Sniper 2

Think you can defeat the enemy?

Bubble Tanks

Tanks made out of bubbles. It's peaceful and violent at the same time.

Bubble Tanks 2

Travel through giant bubbles destroying enemy tanks and taking their bubbles to fuel your growth. As you grow, you constantly evolve and get better weapons. Ultimately, you'll have to face the ultimate adversary and defeat it to win the game.

Zombie Hole

The sacred cave has been opened by treasure hunters. Thousands of zombies marched into town and started to attack people. Grab your gun and fight your way through in this top-down action game.

Canyon Shooter

Fight your way through the canyons while taking out the enemy on the way down. Use upgrades to help you along the way.

Combat Heaven

Kick some military ass as a little Japanese boy with hi-tech weaponry.

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Dodge Fishy

Life is hard for a tiny baby turtle swimming around the reef. Your little shell hasn't hardened out yet, so you make a tasty snack for any big fish. Being a brave little camper, you decide to make the best of things and turn your inevitable death into a game. Try to get close to the dangerous fish while you attempt to avoid their shiny teeth.

Steer Wheels

Drive around in this physics-based game as you push a ball to the exit.

Metro Siberia

In this game, you must find the right balance between working against gravity and using it to get back down in time. Try to stay airborne without hitting anything or it's game over.

Mini-Game Arcade

This is a collection of 10 Flash mini-games. This game auto-saves your settings.

Egg Way

Draw lines with your mouse and try to get the egg into the pan. Be quick to draw the lines because they will fade. Don't waste too much time as the egg will fall apart after a short while. Can you complete all 10 levels?

Go Go Plant

Guide the plant through the obstacles!

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