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A nice little version of Pacman. Eat all the dots and fruits to proceed further avoiding the scary ghosts.

Starship eleven

Cool space ship drive game.

Stone Breaker

This is an awesome remake of the classic Breakout game, with a completely new look and extra features.

Street Fighter 2

Take a trip back in time and play this awesome retro arcade game online!

Super Fighter

A great beat 'em up, its quite hard but its loads of fun!

Tactics Core

Tactics Core is the best Strategy game I've seen to date built in Flash. Move your men around, and kill the enemies. Each character has different skills.

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Totem Destroyer

It's your job to take these magical idols down from their pillars. Be careful when you handle them because if one hits the ground, you will certainly be cursed.

Square Team

Help the team of squares work together to get 1 square to the exit! Place squares on buttons to operate doors and other machinery!

Neon Layers

Guide the ball to the exit by turning on and off sets of neon lights.

Lesson 2 Estiweight

Can you beat the clock and sort out these pesky weighted spheres?


Move the blocks to the corresponding targets.

Doctor Ku

Our hero finds himself trapped in a kitchen with a hostile chef. There's an open door through which you can exit but the chef has decided that you will not leave the room. Search for clues, collect items and try not to become a victim of the chef's knife!

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War On Terrorism 2

Use your pistol, assault rifle or sniper rifle to kill those evil terrorists and get to Osama Bin Laden.

Ghost Tank

Try to survive the onslaught of attacks of your enemies by attacking them. Use your ghost capabilities if you get desperate or your 360 special attack.

Dog Fight The Great War

A fighter plane dog fight game that tests your piloting abilities!

The Strangers 2

In this violent sniper game, you take on strangers that are attacking your village. You're on your own, so take your rifle, aim well and don't take out any of the villagers!

Bounty Killers

Waste outlaws and earn your reward. Yeeehaw!

Doodle Defender 2

Draw your own ship, draw your cannons, draw your lasers, draw everything!

Nyeste Dygtighedsspil

Dodge The Dot

Dots are after your cursor and they are coming in great numbers. Don't let them get your precious cursor.

Drunken Masters

Choose 1 of 10 different bartenders and start your adventure. With fast-paced gameplay and quick-thinking action, you'll learn to mix drinks for up to 5 impatient customers at once. There are plenty of tricks and special moves that you'll need to master to keep the customers entertained. At the end of your shift, view your list of achievements, challenge other bartenders, purchase upgrades with your tips and train to perfect your moves.

Twist Deluxe

Twist 2 is a multitasking, brain-twisting game. Can you get the highest score?

Japanese Jello

Whack the jello to keep it on the tray!


Can you knock your opponents block off?

Line Dodger

Dodge lines and collect stars before the lights turns off.

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