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Donkey Kong

Play the very first donkey kong in all its glory, online!

Dr. Dentist

Congratulations! You are the dentist. Strap your patient in the chair, grab your drill, and watch out for the rotten teeth... they explode, and the patient die... that's bad

Dragon Ball Z

A 2 player game, choose one of 3 players to fight with and battle it out in the arena


A very advanced flash fighter game!

Fight Man

You have seen the movies, now you can play the game! A pretty cool matrix style beat 'em up.

Fire Fighter

Very well done, funny arcanoid clone. Help fire fighters to catch people jumping from the windows.

Nyeste Puslespil

Submachine Future Loop Foundation

You're locked inside a room with only an old tape recorder to keep you company. You must have lost your mind because the entire room has been padded like you see in mental institutes. Escape the room and seek your way out of the complex. During the getaway, your memory will slowly come back to you inspired by images of the past.

Get Out

Can you escape?


Plan the development of your virus carefully as you have only 200 days before man will discover a cure. You get points based on number of newly infected people after a turn. For your first few turns, you will not receive any points.

Cursor 10

Getting to the top floor of a building normally doesn't require much effort, except from climbing the stairs. In this building however, there are a some obstacles in your way that really require the help of other people. The only problem is that you're all alone. That's easily solved though, just duplicate yourself a few times and you're back in business.


Find the differences between the two images.


Instead of controlling the ball, control the level around it! Rotate, stretch and play around with each level to get the ball moving further into the game. Change your element to break new blocks and get through mazes.

Nyeste Sport spil

Boom Boom

Play Beach vollyball with half naked ladies, woo!


Boxing is completely addicting action game fun!

Canyon Glider

Fly your glider through the treacherous canyon landscape avoiding obstacles and landing safely!


Drive the copter for as long as you can without crashing


Just fire as many darts as you like at the bored.

Football Shootout

Adjust your Power! your Angle! your Kick! and Score!!!

Nyeste Skyde spil

Iron Man Test Flight

Shoot down all the enemies!

Bunny Bounty

Specialty? Bunnies and they're really hungry for the farm crops that you're hired to protect. Your clients? Angry, frustrated and altogether utterly helpless farmers who struggle against endless waves of savage bunny barbarians who loot and plunder their farm yields.


Not only must you take on the other little bubble enemies around the edge of the screen, you must also simultaneously jump over lasers.

Red Tassled Fighter

A very addicting side-scrolling shooting game.

Tank Attack

Shoot down enemy planes from the sky.

Tank 2007

The world has gone to hell! It's up to you to set things straight and blast your way to victory in this survival of the fittest tank game.

Nyeste Retro og klassiske spil

Mario Kart X-Treme

The classic SNES game Super Mario Kart in flash!

Asteroids Revenge 2

Team up with the asteroids as they attempt to defend themselves against evil humans in fast spaceships.

6-Bit Pixel Force

Blast away your enemies in this old school 6-Bit adventure.

Collateral Damages

Blow up cop cars, helicopters, buildings, squish people and setup force fields!

Zombie Survival Outbreak

Make your way through the never-ending hordes of un-dead zombies. This is your final stand!

King Of Fighters Wing

Latest version of the classic 'King Of Fighters' series game including Ryu.

Nyeste Dygtighedsspil

The Classroom 2

Grade's aren't your strong point but that doesn't matter with the geek in the class. Are you crafty enough to sneak around the teacher and get the answers off the geek's test?


Shoot from port to port as fast as you can! In this sequel, there are 55 levels spread across 7 realms complete with 30 achievements.

Bee Dodger

A colorful, fast-paced dodger with bees.

Mighty Spidey

Sling with your web through the big human world and eat all the flies.

Armor Games Kondense

You play as a water blob trying to collect as much kondensation water as possible to rack up points! As you grow bigger, you get harder to control but you can drain away water by going over the drain hole. Make sure you don't fall off the edge!


Release a ball from the top and make use of gravity to clear all red pegs.

Nyeste Forsvarsspil


A tower defense game in the style of Warcraft.

Cannon Chaos

Destroy an endless onslaught of tanks with your base turret. You get points depending on the tanks you destroy.


Havoc and corruption swarms through the land and you're one of those few wizards who can put an end to it. Create and combine magic gems, put them into your towers and banish the monsters back to hell!

Dungeon Defender

An interesting blend of strategy, tower defense and RPG. Play as the Dungeon Master and send your minions to defeat the heroes!


Besieged takes castle defense games to a whole new direction, incorporating real-time strategy and RPG elements of gameplay into the mix.


MIRC (Magnetic Impact Resistant Cubes), is a Missile Command clone with a unique twist. Create a "magnetic force" to levitate your cubes into the air and launch them into the incoming missiles to protect your base.

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